A Thriller

with a Feminine Edge

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Page-Turning Thriller

Page-Turning Thriller by D.G. Partington

     Recently released from Page Publishing by author D.G.Partington, is a riveting tale of larceny, murder, and rekindled romance as a real estate professional is unwittingly entangled in a web of criminal activity when a ruthless client’s money disappears from her firm’s account.

     D.G. Partington, a first-time author, was inspired to write this story by her own experiences. “An Empty Seat” is a gripping debut novel introducing Madison Mitchell, a commercial property manager embroiled in a murder case while navigating the complicated reappearance of an old flame.

My Mission:

To write a page turning thriller where the main character is a female who will have an impact on my readers. I want to show that, though she is unique, the female experience is very similar for all women in one respect or another. We are not so different from each other in our thoughts and actions and that we are all perfectly okay.

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